Class Room Teaching

Classroom Instruction

In Washington, DC, in order to take behind-the-wheel driving lessons you should be16 years old or older.

DDS will provide 15 hours of classroom instruction and will prepare students for their knowledge test. Then, after obtaining their learner’s permits, students will receive 4 hours of behind-the-wheel driving instruction.

Road Test

Road Test Car Usage

The road test examines the ability of a student driver to safely operate a motor vehicle, proper use of traffic signals, parallel parking, traffic management and several other driving skills. The test requires use of a car. DDS Driving offers additional preparation and vehicle usage for the DC Road Test.

Behind Wheel Driving

Behind the Wheel Driving

Behind-the-wheel driving instruction is an exercise which consists of one or more sessions of driving. During this exercise, the student driver will be driving around with an instructor by his/her side. The student will be taught how to read and apply traffic signals, traffic management, and urban traffic congestion management and stress driving. This session also includes: